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EMchat - Instant Messaging in (S)XEmacs

Yes, that's right. You can chat to all your friends from the comfort of your favourite editor.

What is EMchat

EMchat is an instant messaging client written entirely in elisp (emacs lisp). It currently only supports the ICQ protocol, but more protocols like Jabber are planned for the future.

It runs in SXEmacs & XEmacs.

EMchat will not run in GNU/Emacs and we have no immediate plans for porting. We're all (S)XEmacs geeks here.

As yet, there have not been any EMchat releases, but you may download a development snapshot here.

Obligatory Screenshots
  1. Screenshot 1 This is the layout that I use. It has XFace/CFace display turned on, gutter tabs instead of a buddy buffer, and balloon-help transients.
  2. Screenshot 2 This shows another possible layout that uses a single buffer. It also uses the gutter tabs to replace the status buffer.
  3. Screenshot 3 This one is from the more traditional layout. No gutter tabs this time, it uses the status buffer. The buddy buffer is displaying only those buddies that are currently connected.
  4. Screenshot 4 Well, we gotta eat. :-) This shot also displays the EMchat logo on a button in the default toolbar.


If you'd like to help out with the continuing development of EMchat, we'd love to hear from you. The easiest way would be to drop us a line at EMchat Devel Please note that this mailing list is open post to subscribers only, due to SPAM issues.

Want to help, but don't know the first thing about XEmacs, lisp, or even ICQ?...
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