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How You Can Help The EMchat Project

This project is not a "for profit" business. It doesn't receive any funding or Government grants or subsidies of any kind. It is just a group of people writing code in their spare time. Everyone involved in the project is a volunteer and does not get remunerated in any way.

And yet the project still has expenses. Expenses directly related to getting this software into your hands. Bandwidth expenses, hardware updates, maintenance, and running costs. Even the occasional extra jar of coffee to help us code through the night.

Money helps. Even if you decide to not make a donation at this time, I would like to personally thank you for thinking about it. If you find EMchat to be beneficial to you, please consider rewarding the people who brought it to you with a donation. If you believe that Open Source software is an important part of our society, please consider a donation. Whatever you decide, I thank you.

Steve Youngs
EMchat Project.
Follow this link to proceed with your contribution